Brindley Fortuin

Email address:

Office:                 PD HAHN 7.38.9

Role in GC:         Assistant Lecturer and Intern

Field of study:    Sociology (BAHons)


  • How and when did you get involved with the GC programme?

    I have never taken a GC course before. However, I have heard about the programme through trusted friends. They were quite impressed with the content of the programme but even more so with the teaching methods. In 2018 I was successful in my appointment as an Intern/Assistant Lecturer to the Global Citizenship Programme.

  • What influenced your decision to join the GC staff?

    I needed a new challenge. I found it quite difficult to just focus on the academic pursuits that I found myself in. It was important for both my values and for the sake of experience, that I invest in my development. The GC programme seemed like the best fit for a space of development and challenge.

  • What do you find most exciting about being part of the GC team?

    I have developed quite a good relationship with the fellow interns. To me it’s exciting to see the vigor, enthusiasm and dedication that black scholars have towards this project. In many regards I have seen how we have built on each other’s strengths to make our various projects successful. It is refreshing to find people with similar mindsets.

  • What is the one thing you think people should know about you?

    I have a great love for Eastern religions and Philosophies and consequently cannot wait for my visit to the eastern regions of the world!