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Global Debates, Local Voices

Living at the Southern tip of Africa in a country often labelled as part of the ‘Third World’ we may sometimes forget that we are part of one world. One world, seven continents, and just under 200 countries with a population of over seven billion people who trade, travel, wage war, work the land and the oceans, and who are inextricably linked with one another. Where do our responsibilities lie: here, at home in South Africa with its huge inequalities? Or ‘out there’, as part of one globe ravaged by continuing exploitation of resources, people and the environment to the benefit of few rather than all? What does it mean to be part of the ‘developing world’? How do we take our place in the world, responsibly and respectful of all living things?

This course aims to help you to find your voice when headlines scream about environmental and human disasters, when public arguments about rights to ownership of local resources and access to international funds threaten to silence you, when as an ‘educated student’ you are asked to answer questions about issues of collective survival and when you want to argue for global justice.


The Course

The course is called Global Debates, Local Voices, with a focus on finding our voices as students, individuals and active citizens on global issues and connecting them to our own experiences. GC1, like the other courses within the GC Programme, is designed as an active learning experience. We recognise that people learn best when they consciously process information through reflection, creative processes, experimentation and engagement in dialogue with others. In this way, GC1 will be the space for you to engage with global issues, reflect on your own connection to these issues and be able to move to a space of action with your fellow students.

GC1 will run in the second semester of 2017 – so watch this space for exciting updates on this course! 

For more info please contact the GC Programme.