Genevieve Harding

Email address:   

Office:                            NA

Role in GC:                   Community liaison for Social Infrastructures;
Work place experience programme coordinator (Jan – Feb 2018)

Portfolio:                       Social Infrastructures

Field of study:              BSc Chemical engineering; currently MSc candidate.

  • How and when did you get involved with the GC programme?

    I was a student on the social infrastructures course in 2013. I facilitated on the same course in 2015; and assisted with facilitation in 2016, especially around the off campus classes. In 2017 I was the Community Liaison Person in the Summer and Winter terms.

    Gradually over time I have gotten more and more involved with GC’s work.

  • What influenced your decision to join the GC staff?

    I agree with the values of the GC programme and team, and believe in the work that they are doing. I believe I can contribute in my small way by being involved in this programme with these people.

  • What do you find most exciting about being part of the GC team?

    This team is wonderful! I enjoy the work, and the opportunities I have had to engage with communities and organizations off campus. Also I am mentored in this space, by colleagues and by Janice. I really appreciate the space to reflect and grow

  • What is the one thing you think people should know about you?

    I am an avid hiker, and love walking around on the mountains in and around Cape Town…