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GOAL Partnership

Giving Opportunities to Aspiring Leaders (GOAL)


Facilitation Training in Partnership with GOAL (Giving Opportunities to Aspiring Leaders)

GOAL is a youth development leadership organization which focuses on enhancing the leadership skills of grade 11 students from across the country. The organization aims to produce young leaders who are active citizens, committed to creating communities of peace and social cohesion. The leadership training consists of a camp where the students from different backgrounds partake in critical engagement on citizenship, stereotypes & prejudices and inter-faith dialogue.

Similar to the GC programme, GOAL’s facilitation methodology involves interactive activities, intentional dialogue and critical engagement, allowing students to find their voices as leaders and active citizens in their communities. This has opened an opportunity for GC to collaborate with GOAL for a combined the facilitator training programme. Bringing together our different resources and experiences, the intention is to develop a more substantial student facilitation training programme that will run throughout the year.

To get involved in the facilitator programme at GC or for more information, you can email