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              Hart House Partnership

The Hart House building was commissioned to the University of Toronto in 1919 and has been described as the cultural, intellectual and recreational centre of the undergraduate experience. An array of offerings that range from events, lectures, live performances and classes for every interest from filmmaking to archery are available. Hart House is the place for critical engagement on achieving peaceful pluralism, centred on equity and inclusion around the globe.

The GC programme has partnered with Hart House on their Hart House Global Commons: Peace and Pluralism in a Globalized World events. Panellists as well as the audience are engaged in the event’s discussions. They have the opportunity to handle topics ranging from entrenched violent conflict to navigating systemic social and legal challenges and injustices.

This international dialogue welcomes students and guests from Canada, Colombia, the U.S.A, and South Africa throughout the series to provide lived experiences, stories, and lessons learned on this path towards working together through difference to build better societies. 

This partnership speaks to the fundamental values at GC and brings us to question our role as citizens in developing agency at the institutional, community, and individual levels, and in doing so finding solutions that are inclusive, diverse, and of benefit for all citizens.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Global Commons events, taking place 23 November 2017, 1 February 2018, and 1 March 2018. It is not necessary to have attended previous events or GC courses. To get involved, email us at: Alternatively, follow #HHGlobalCommons on Twitter to see what we discussed - we'll be live tweeting comments and discussions.