Lebogang Maragelo

Email address:

Office:                 PD HAHN 7.38.9

Role in GC:         Assistant Lecturer and Intern

Field of study:    Postgrad LLB 


  • How and when did you get involved with the GC programme?

    Throughout my undergraduate degree, I was vaguely aware of the work GC was doing and signed up to do a course or two but never had the time to actually complete it. However, I followed the Programme’s work and early this year one of my mentors suggested I apply for the Intern/Assistant Lecturer position that was advertised - which I did and here I am.

  • What influenced your decision to join the GC staff?

    The biggest influence was perhaps the nature of the work GC does, I am very passionate about community engagement and social justice, and GC introduces both to students using a pedagogy that centralises the student and their lived experience in the teaching/learning space. This is perhaps also the first time in my academic career where I can enter into a learning space and not feel as though my lived experience does not constitute a form of “valid/acceptable” knowledge.

  • What do you find most exciting about being part of the GC team?

    Definitely knowing that I get to share an office with some of UCT’s smartest and most passionate people. I’m constantly inspired by my colleagues’ passion for what they do.

  • What is the one thing you think people should know about you?

    I love reading, starting doing it at when I was  3- haven't stopped since. My current literary obsession is Nurrudin Farah, a Somalian Author who is probably (in my opinion) the greatest African Author of the century.