A GCP Workshop Event: Exploring Citizenship and Inclusion with Dr. Bettina von Lieres

12 Jul 2018 - 23:30

The Global Citizenship Programme is pleased to announce that we have invited Dr Bettina von Lieres from the University of Toronto, Scarborough to host a participatory workshop at which we will talk about the idea of citizenship, in particular the role of power and resistance in shaping more inclusive forms of citizenship.

We will explore our own assumptions about power, belonging, identity and citizenship, and we will also build on emerging global theories of citizenship influenced by Chatterjee, Gaventa and Dagnino. We will explore relations between theoretical concepts using visual material and there will be an opportunity to think about how to include issues of citizenship into your own work and lives as young citizens. Dr von Lieres will also share a few reflections on student politics at the University of Toronto.

Date: Monday, July 16th
Time: 09h30 – 11h00
Venue: CHED Boardroom, 6th Floor, Hoerrikwaggo Building

Places are limited so please RSVP to Carolyn Le Tang by Friday, July 13th to secure your place.

Bio: Dr. Bettina von Lieres is Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, in the Centre for Critical Development Studies at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. She teaches courses in the field of critical citizenship studies. From 1991–2002 she held university positions in South Africa. From 2002–2011 she participated as a lead researcher in the Development Research Centre for Citizenship, Participation and Accountability, which was hosted by the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK. She has led several global partnerships that bring together researchers, practitioners and educators from the global South and North. She is currently the Director of the Teaching and Learning Program in the Participedia network ( She is the founder of a global research network on democracy and citizenship – the Collaboration for Research on Democracy (CORD). She is currently also appointed as an Extra-ordinary Senior Researcher at the University of the Western Cape. Her publications include Mediated Citizenship: The Informal Politics of Speaking for Citizens in the Global South (co-edited with Laurence Piper, Palgrave, 2014) and Domains of Freedom: Justice, Citizenship and Social Change in South Africa (co-edited with Thembela Kepe and Melissa Levin, UCT Press, 2016). She enjoys swimming, action movies and meeting for coffee!