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Popular Press

Below are links to a series of article written by staff members and friends of the GC Programme in the popular media. These writing reflect the kind of thinking and practice we employ in our classroom spaces.

Teaching Philosophy: Engaging 'Being' and the Importance of 'Inner Work'

Dr Janice McMillan, GC Programme Director, writes and reflects for Talloires Network Connects on linking teaching to broader social change, and showing humility, integrity and transparency in her work as an educator committed to social change.

Read the entire article here.

Global Citizenship for Social Justice: Educating Higher Education Students in the Global South

Dr. Janice McMillan, GC Programme Director, and Dr Astrid von Kotze, of the Popular Education Programme, reflect on what it means to run a programme on global citizenship and social justice in the South African context, and how this ask students to contribute to addressing our country's huge inequalities as people who are responsible for and respectful of people and the environment.

Read the entire article here.

How to Turn Professionals Into People Who Serve the Public Good

Prof. Melanie Walker of the University of the Free State (UFS), a friend of the GC Programme, writes about the eight skills future professionals should develop to work for the good of society. 

Read the entire article here.

Ethics, Values and Views from the South


Dr. Janice McMillan, GC Programme Director, writes and reflects for Talloires Network Connects on values, ethics and 're-looking service learning', as well as understanding the link between higher education and the world of work, and of voice from the global South.

Read the entire article here.

Developing Civic-Minded University Graduates

Dr Janice McMillan, GC Programme Director, write for University World News on the need for universities to actively develop students as active, critical, and civic-minded graduates. This, she says, can be achieved by universities rethinking learning and teaching practices.

Read the entire article here.