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Sarah Oliver

Sarah Oliver is a Project Assistant on the Global Citizenship Programme. She has co-convened the short-courses Global Debates, Local Voices (GC1), Service, Citizenship & Social Justice (GC2), Voluntary Community Service (GC3), and previously worked as Community Partner Liaison on the Social Infrastructure (SI) course. She is currently the Project Leader and Lecturer on the pilot course Active Citizenry Through Dialogue and Deliberation in collaboration with Sol Plaatjie University (SPU) in Kimberley. This project involves the running of a short-course with 20 UCT students and 20 SPU students, focusing on deliberation and dialogue in the context of student activism across the different universities.

Sarah has extensive facilitation and workshop design experience, and has also worked with various youth development organisations such as GOAL and the United Religions Initiative-Southern Africa.  She completed her education at UCT, from where she received a BA in International Relations, Music, and Social Anthropology in 2015, and a BA (Honours) in Social Anthropology in 2015. Her Honours dissertation focused on the role of community engagement in higher education, exploring how such engagement can disrupt the knowledge hierarchies inhering in formal academic institutions. Other than work, her creative outlet is through music and dance – she loves collecting music from different parts of the world.