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Shannon Cupido

Shannon Cupido is a Project Assistant on the Global Citizenship Programme, which he joined in 2015. He has worked on various aspects of the Programme, including co-convening the short-courses Service, Citizenship & Social Justice (GC2) and Voluntary Community Service (GC3), and leading the Data Curation and Dissemination project funded by the DG Murray Trust. Moreover, he has co-facilitated the short-course Global Debates, Local Voices (GC2) and is also contributing to a publication that considers cross-context social justice education in collaboration with the Global Network for Young Europeans (GLEN). Finally, he has also provided reading and writing support to students on the Social Infrastructures (SI) course.

Barring a brief stint in the publishing industry and NGO sector in 2015, Shannon has been a long-time student at UCT, from where he received a BA in Gender Studies, Media & Writing, and Social Anthropology, and a BA (Honours) in Social Anthropology. He is currently pursuing an MA in Social Anthropology, his work forming part of the national research project Anthropology of the First 1,000 Days of Life. His broader research interests encompass political-economy, kinship studies, gender and sexuality studies, affect theory, and the politics of ethnographic knowledge production. He is a proud first-generation university student and is committed to transforming the academy. He reads a novel a week to stay sane.