Shannon Cupido

Email address:            

Office:                                 PD Hahn, Level 7, Room 7.38.9

Role in GC (Title):              Co-Coordinator for Workshop & Seminars Series

Portfolio:                            Workshops & Seminars Series

Field of study:                   Currently pursuing an MA in Social Anthropology.

  • How and when did you get involved with the GC programme?

    I started working at the GC Programme as an Intern in October 2015.

  • What influenced your decision to join the GC staff?

    I was working in publishing at the time, and wanted to get more involved with teaching and facilitation.

  • What do you find most exciting about being part of the GC team?

    I really enjoy teaching, facilitating, and engaging with students. I also enjoy working in a space with others who care about social justice.

  • What is the one thing you think people should know about you?

    I am a proud first-generation university student and I am dedicated to transforming the academy. I read a novel a week to stay sane.