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Sol Plaatje Partnership

Active Citizenship Through Deliberation and Dialogue 2017

 A new pilot partnership course between the University of Cape Town and Sol Plaatje University, Kimberley.

‘Active Citizenry through Deliberation and Dialogue’ is a pilot short course to run as a co-learning partnership between the UCT Global Citizenship Programme (GCP) and Sol Plaatje University (SPU). The course will run this year beginning in the second semester, with 20 UCT students and 20 SPU students participating in the programme. The course will focus on deliberation and dialogue in the context of student activism across the different universities.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

  • The aim of this course is to examine and reflect on the the spaces for student voices within our institutional frameworks, and reimagine new forms of engagement and dialogue in line with the values  of social justice work
  • Students will participate in a co-learning experience, between Sol Plaatje University and the University  of Cape Town, developing an awareness of themselves in relation to broader social systems of power and privilege
  • Students will gain practical tools in dialogue skills and different forms of engagement, eg. face-to-face dialogue, online engagement, debates, and engage with learning to listen to a fellow student with a   very different lived experience
  • Students will run an active engagement session in their respective universities, implementing the skills they have learnt on the course.

To apply to be one of the 20 students at your university, as part of this exciting learning collaboration, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You need to be 2nd or 3rd year student, in any faculty
  • You need to either be in a leadership position now within the university, or be taking on a leadership position next year (Faculty Committees, Student societies, residence councils, Orientation leaders  etc.)
  • Preference will be given to students who have not previously been involved in the Global Citizenship Programme
  • You need to have an interest in how student voices are expressed within our institutions, and the way dialogues and engagements take place within our different  contexts.
  • Finally you need to be available on Wednesday afternoon/evening (5pm - 7pm), between the 16th August - 27th September, and be fully committed to the  programme.


**Applications for 2017 are now closed.**